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WWE Info

The following is a brief account of the WWE operation.

WWE Smackdown

In case there is someone who takes this seriously and has not figured this out, the idea of 'professional' wrestling is to create a spectacular drama so as to attract the biggest audience and make the most profit from the business venture. No one is trying to win a wrestling match.

The 'combatants' are trying to avoid serious injury as they perform the most thrilling moves that can safely be performed. It is easily possible, and it does sometimes happen, that the actors are seriously injured, not because an 'opponent' caused it, but because being a stunt man is dangerous work. The shows should not be called "fake" because they are not any more fake than a movie, and movies are not called "fake".

WWE Corporate

WWE is the initials for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and is the symbol under which it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Although it is a publicly traded company, it is under private control because the majority of stock is owned by one person. Vince McMahon owns most of the stock and acts as Chairman of the Board. Linda McMahon, his wife, is CEO.

The main source of revenue for WWE is from professional wrestling which is shown on television, live events, and the internet. There is also income from product licensing, direct sales, film, and even music. The couple and their two children own about 70% of the corporation and control 96% of the votes.

The company's name has changed a few times, from Titan Sports to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. to its current name. It has offices in Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Toronto with its main office being 1241 East Main Street, Stamford, CT.

As the biggest wrestling entertainment operation in the world, its market capitalization exceeds US$1 billion. Gross income is about $400 million. Net profit is about $50 million. It uses three brand names, ECW, WWE RAW, and SmackDown!

There were allegations of steroid use by some performers in the 1990's as well as some employees complaining of sexual harassment. McMahon was exonerated of those complaints and the company survived the steroid scandals despite losing a few million dollars as a consequence.


The wrestling entertainment industry used to be operated on a regional basis in the US but that changed in the 1980's when Vince McMahon began to syndicate television shows nationally and to attract talented performers away from other promoters. This broke an unwritten understanding between promoters that each promoter would market only in their own geographic area. This action made some other promoters angry, but he has lived to go on to become the most successful wrestling promoter of all.

One of the most popular wrestling entertainers was Hulk Hogan who had nationwide recognition from appearing in the Sylvester Stallone movie Rocky iii. He appeared in pay-per-view Wrestlemania, a promotion which boosted the fortunes of McMahon's business operations enormously.

Wrestling itself has a long history and has many styles around the world. Modern Greco-Roman wrestling was developed in France, Sumo in Japan, the 'collar and elbow' style in Ireland, Sambo in Russia, Pehlwani in India and Schwingen in Switzerland. For more than 100 years, sport wrestling (in particular amateur wrestling) has been an Olympic event. None has the theatrics to match 'professional' wrestling and can never have that sort of money-making potential. That's why wrestling promoters wanting to turn a profit abandoned all forms of folk wrestling long ago.

Wrestling has been an Olympic sport since 1896. It is perhaps the world's oldest competitive sport. It is in Egyptian wall paintings as old as 5,000 years ago. In 776 BC, the first Olympic Games included wrestling and became the main event. Today the International Olympic Committee recognizes both the Greco-Roman style and starting in 1904, freestyle wrestling. Only the arms and upper body can be used and only those can be held on the opponent. In freestyle, known earlier as 'catch as catch can', the arms can be used for lifting, pushing, and tripping. Opponents can also be held below or above the waist.

WWE Divas

Although this "wrestling" is obviously choreographed, it entertains large audiences as effectively as any other fiction entertainment. The performers are talented athletes and these showy spectacles are enjoyed by many fans.

In the late 1990's, female performers, known as divas, were added to the mix. The term was originated when one of the performers declared "I am the diva of the WWF". The term then became part of the show's jargon. Divas may act as ring announcers, valets, wrestlers, managers, or backstage interviewers.

2007 News

On June 12, 2007 it was announced that Brian Kalinowski had been hired as General Manager of Digitial Media. Kalinowski has been in marketing and digital product development for the last twenty years. His duties include mobile and web content together with interactive technology. He will work directly under the COO, Michael Sileck.

His responsibilities include new product development, promotion and advertising in online media and developing partnerships with content and distribtion partners. Kalinowski was COO at Lycos, Inc. since 2005.

As GM of Digital Media, Kalinowski will lead the digital media groups at WWE in creating compelling digital entertainment across multiple platforms in an effort to drive greater audience engagement and further enhance the successful WWE brand. His role will focus on new product development, negotiating and developing partnerships with various content and distribution partners and maximizing the benefits of online media through advertising and promotion.

Kalinowski joins WWE from Lycos, Inc., where he served as Chief Operating Officer since 2005. He was responsible for dealing with consumer experience, customer support and business operations entailing developing new products, increasing revenue streams, and all aspects of marketing. When he was at Ziggs Inc. he was VP of Product Development. At Availant Software, Inc. he served as Senior Director of Product Marketing.

WWE Contact

Web addresses for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE), are wwe.com and corporate.wwe.com. Global activity information can be found at http://www.wwe.com/worldwide/. News is at http://corporate.wwe.com/news/2007/2007_06_12b.jsp